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Sweden Bookshop

Sweden Bookshop is the home of publications produced by the Swedish Institute.

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Welcome to the world of Swedish literature!


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Sweden Bookshop is the home of publications produced by the Swedish Institute.

The Swedish Intitute publishes a large volume of information on Sweden in a wide range of languages. The Institute’s production of printed material covers everything from books, brochures and folders to posters and films.

The Swedish kitchen - from fika to cosy Friday

Why is fika one of the first Swedish words you will learn? Why do Swedes leave their shoes at the door at a dinner party? Do lingonberries really work with everything? And what exactly is ‘cosy Friday’?

The Swedish kitchen – from fika to cosy Friday offers a glimpse into the culinary treats and habits of Swedes. With over 30 recipes from eight different settings, Liselotte Forslin, Rikard Lagerberg and Susanne Walström welcome you into a world of good food, traditions and new trends.

The Swedish kitchen is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

This is Sweden

Updated in 2014, This is Sweden contains a short introduction on Swedish cultural history, design and fashion, music and gastronomy, the Swedish welfare state and business sector, customs, myths about the country, and much more.

This is Sweden is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish

Celebrating the Swedish way

In Celebrating the Swedish way we learn how seasons, pagan times, Christianity, immigration and indeed the insatiable curiosity of Swedes themselves have all played a part in shaping the ever-evolving Swedish traditions. You might both recognise traces of your own traditions and be baffled by the extraordinary nature of others.

Innovation the Swedish way

Transformed from a poor agrarian nation to a highly industrialized country in just over 100 years, Sweden is today one of the world's innovation leaders. In Innovation the Swedish Way you will meet innovators and entrepreneurs behind some of the latest and most successful innovations.

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